Mark Zuckerberg believes we could have hologram meetings in the next 5 years

Mark Zuckerberg said we’ll have meetings with avatars of our colleagues in five years, in an interview with Stratechery’s Ben Thompson.


Mark Zuckerberg predicted that meetings with hologram avatars might become a reality in the next five years. 

In a podcast interview on Tuesday with Stratechery’s Ben Thompson, the Meta CEO told Thompson, who is based in Taiwan, “there’s nothing that I think would stop us in five years from now from having this podcast and basically just having augmented reality glasses, and it’s like if you’re still in Taiwan, basically your hologram is here at Meta headquarters, and it just feels like we’re there.” 

Zuckerberg added, “I can kind of have a 3-D model of the device and I can hand it to you — so it’s not just a video call, it’s like we can actually interact with things together, that’ll be compelling.”

In the interview, Zuckerberg said meetings “are human connection” and will become important in virtual and augmented reality. He said he wants to build more interactive experiences in the metaverse that will help foster those connections. In October, Meta is launching the Quest Pro, its first headset since Zuckerberg announced his plans to develop the metaverse back in October 2021. Zuckerberg’s eventual goal is to build an immersive virtual environment that will encompass our personal and professional worlds. 

The Quest Pro retails for $1,500 and is “built for collaboration, creativity and getting things done.” In other words, it’s a headset intended for work as well as leisure. 

Ultimately, Zuckerberg said that human connection sits at the core of what he’s been building for the past several years.

“The fact that delivering this sense of presence with another person is the ultimate expression of the type of services that we’ve been building for eighteen years now,” Zuckerberg told Thompson. 

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