Identify Hidden Cameras in Your Airbnb or Hotel With This Pocket Gadget

The Anti-Spy Camera Finder uses infrared LEDs to identify hidden camera lenses in outlets, decor, and more.


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At some point in your endeavors, you might rent an Airbnb or hotel room when traveling for business or for leisure. However, no amount of five-star ratings and seemingly well-meaning hosts can truly absolve whether they’re secretly spying on you. Airbnb has faced issues regarding hosts setting up hidden cameras in private spaces,

Unfortunately, while hotel chains may be more devoted to guest privacy, bad actors may still install cameras in alarm clocks, smoke detectors, and even electrical outlets. You can help ensure your travel lodging’s privacy with this Anti-Spy Camera Finder.

The Anti-Spy Camera Finder might sound like something pulled from a 007 film, but the device is actually quite simple. It contains six infrared LEDs lights that can detect hidden camera lenses in shower heads, mirrors, wall decor, and even stuffed animals.

To use the finder, press the power button, click the LED flashlight button to light up the area, and flip the infrared switch to activate the IR laser. Then, you can walk around your lodging to hunt for hidden cameras. If you come across an outlet or a suspicious decor piece, aim the laser at it. If there’s a sensor inside, you’ll see a red spot reflecting off the lens, indicating you’ve found a camera (and a reason to book a different stay immediately).

This camera finder wouldn’t be helpful during travel if it weren’t portable. Fortunately, the device is compact, measuring just over half an inch thick and weighing less than five pounds. You can easily slip it into your travel bags or pockets and have it ready to go as soon as you check into your room.

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