Amazon sale: Prime Early Access deals live roundup

This new Amazon sales event is a Prime Members-only experience much like Prime Day. And we’re here live bringing you the latest deals.


Fire Stick 4K: $49.99 $24.99 at AmazonFire Stick 4K Max: $54.99 $34.99 at AmazonIt wouldn’t be a Prime Day event without super low prices on a bunch of Fire Sticks and the best ones are super affordable today as we’d only advise grabbing a 4K option nowadays. Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+ don’t charge any extra for 4K content after all. HBO Max and Netflix aren’t quite as generous yet.These affordable streaming sticks are a worthy addition even if you have smart apps on your TV, even more so if it’s a bit older and missing a few of the more modern ones. I really like the remote on the Fire Sticks, the buttons are super responsive and much better than the mushy buttons on most TV remotes. As for the Max or non-Max versions. The Max is marginally faster thanks to the extra RAM and WiFi 6 support and supports picture-in-picture technology on live content. For most users, I’d say save the extra ten bucks and get the cheaper one.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 11″ Chromebook: $219 $89.99Lenovo has been making excellent Chromebooks for some time now. While Amazon has a sale for this laptop, the one Best Buy has is even better. Though this IdeaPad 3 isn’t as powerful as the Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook, it can be a great everyday device for browsing the web, checking email, or watching movies. For under $90, it’s hard to go wrong with a deal like this. You’re getting an 11.6-inch HD display, 4GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage that’s expandable via a microSD card, all packed into a footprint that’s less than 1-inch thick. Also, because this device is running ChromeOS, it is automatically kept up-to-date with the latest features and security so that you can enjoy it without worry.

Ring Video Doorbell – 2020: $99.99 $69.99Ring Video Doorbell Wired: $64.99 $39.99Two of the best Ring Video Doorbells are on sale for Prime Day, so you can keep a close eye on your door whether you are home or not, all while saving some cash. If you already have a wired doorbell at your home, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a great way. By going to the hardwired option, you won’t have to worry about recharging any batteries and still get the excellent feature Ring is known for, like 1080p HD video, two-way communication, motion detection, and more under $40.If you don’t have existing wiring or prefer a wireless option, the 2020 Ring Video Doorbell model will do wonderfully towards keeping your front door secure. You’ll have all the helpful features found in the wired version, just without the need to mess with wiring. The rechargeable battery lasts 6-12 months, depending on what features you choose to enable. Ring Video Doorbells are also compatible with Amazon Echo Show smart displays, so you can ask Alexa to show you the front door, or the smart speaker can automatically show who’s at the door when the button is pressed.

BLUETTI Portable Power Station EB3A: $349 $209.29There are plenty of reasons to own a portable power station, and Bluetti makes some of the best power stations on the planet. So, when they put one on sale during Prime Day, it’s worth checking out, especially when it is one of their newest models.We recently reviewed the Bluetti EB3A and came away very impressed. This compact power station provides ample power output, up to 1200W surge, from a variety of port options. You’ll have USB-A and USB-C, AC outlets, a 12V car socket, and more to power most small appliances. Being able to have reliable power anywhere you go is a wonderful thing. These devices are great for running lights during a power outage, entertainment during a campout, keeping your portable electronics charged while hanging out in the backyard, and more. Don’t miss this deal on the Bluetti EB3A because savings like this on such an excellent product are rare and shouldn’t be passed up.

Latest RTX 4090 preorder info live from WindowsCentral.comIf you’re also on the lookout for a new graphics card, or the mother of all graphics cards actually, the RTX 4090 launches today. The last few RTX releases have sold out straight away, and while bitcoin mining has become unprofitable for most nowadays, these will still be in hot demand, scalpers still exist after all. So if you want to know what stores have stock and where to keep an eye out for stock today, be sure to check out the latest updates from our friends at WindowsCentral as they’re all over that today. With prices starting around $1600 you might not have much cash leftover for today’s remaining Prime Day deals. Or food. But you will have all the frames-per-second. Worth it.

Google Pixel 6 Pro: $899.99 $616 at AmazonThe Pixel 7 Pro might be coming out tomorrow, but that phone is pretty darn expensive. Instead, how about choosing the perfectly good Pixel 6 Pro, instead? You’ll save $283 in the process and get a phone with a brilliant camera, gorgeous design, Google smarts, and software support for the next four years.The caveat is that only the Stormy Black colorway is on sale for this much. The other two colors are also on sale but not at as heavy of a discount. Even if you don’t want that color, though, it’s easy enough to slap a Dbrand skin (opens in new tab) or a great Pixel 6 Pro case (opens in new tab) on it, instead.

GameSir X2 USB Type-C controller: $64.99 $43 at Amazon (opens in new tab)GameSir X2 Bluetooth controller: $59.99 $47.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)GameSir X3 USB Type-C controller: $99.98 $79.98 at Amazon (opens in new tab)Ready to get a huge mobile gaming upgrade? GameSir controllers are on sale for Prime Day, and they’re a great addition to any mobile gamer’s repertoire. Personally, I prefer the GameSir X2 USB Type-C controller. It’s the one pictured above and it fits basically any Android phone in its clutches thanks to an ingenious USB port design that can bend to accompany most phone sizes. Yes, that includes the giant Galaxy Z Fold 4 I’m using in the photo above.If you’d rather have Bluetooth, the Bluetooth version is also on sale for $47, although it doesn’t come with the carrying case that the USB version comes with.But, if you’re a gamer who plays for long periods of time, the GameSir X3 might be an even better fit. It packs a fan on the back to keep your phone extra cool, although you’ll need to keep that plugged into an outlet in order to use it. Definitely best for couch gaming rather than on the go.

Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) with free 256GB microSD card: $499.99 $319.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)Samsung’s Galaxy Note series might have made phone styluses popular, but those phones are incredibly expensive, with the latest Galaxy S22 Ultra entry retailer for $1,200. How about taking a look at the Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) at $319, instead? Like Samsung, Motorola packs a stylus right into the Moto G Stylus 5G’s body, making it easy and convenient to pop out and write notes whenever you need to.And that stylus isn’t just good for notes, it’s also a great pointing device for when you need a bit more precision than your fingers will allow. On top of being quite possibly the best phone Motorola has made all year (opens in new tab), this killer deal also comes with a 256GB microSD card, bringing that storage up to three-quarters of a terabyte. Talk about a deal!

Ticwatch E3: $199.99 $139.99While there is plenty of fuss around the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Google Pixel Watch, Mobvoi is a brand making some of the best Android smartwatches for years. The TicWatch E3, released in 2021, runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor, which means it has great performance and is slated to receive the Wear OS 3 update. This Prime Day deal on the TicWatch E3 makes the smartwatch a great gift or an upgrade to an older watch. During our review of the watch, we found that it was a fantastic option for those wanting a smaller watch that was powerful enough to keep up with daily tasks easily. The built-in health tracking features mean it is also a helpful workout companion.

Google Nest Thermostat: $129.99 $99.99Many times when someone talks about a smart thermostat, Nest comes up. That’s because these are some of the absolute best smart thermostats you can buy. Not only do they have an iconic circular design that is easy to use, but we loved the smart features included during our review. To put it simply, they’re fantastic. Aside from being able to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere, you have internet, but the device learns your habits to save you money.The Nest Thermostat also is better for the environment than typical thermostats. Along with being smarter about temperature adjustments, the Nest Renew program evaluates when the best times to make changes to energy usage to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, which also, in turn, saves you money.

TickTalk 4: $199.99 $159.99Connected kid’s devices can be tricky, and Amazon has a lot of options for sale during Prime Day. But not all are worth it and can cause more problems than they solve. However, the TickTalk 4 is one that not only have we reviewed but is our Senior Editor Chris Wedel’s son’s favorite. The dual cameras are loads of fun for kids. Not only is it very durable, but it is packed with excellent features that both kids and parents love. The parent-managed contacts and communication features ensure that only approved people can contact your child. That can be done by voice, video, and text. With built-in GPS location tracking, you can always know where your child is. A kid-favorite feature is the free iHeartRadio Family brings kid-appropriate tunes and podcasts directly to your child’s wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 + Galaxy Buds 2: $430 $299.95 at AmazonSamsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm | $350 $219.99 at AmazonAre you in the market for the latest Galaxy smartwatch? This last-minute bundle deal on the impressive new Galaxy Watch 5 (opens in new tab) snags you a pair of Galaxy Buds 2 (opens in new tab) for just $20, saving you a nice $130. The new Galaxy Watch 5 was only recently launched, sporting some impressive upgrades over its predecessor, and the Buds 2 are sleek, sound great, and offer active noise cancellation. If you own a Galaxy smartphone, these devices will complement it nicely. You can even ditch the smartphone and go out for a run with these two, listening to your favorite downloaded playlists or podcasts without distractions.On the other hand, if you already have earbuds you like and care more about a good Android watch deal, you may want to get the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic instead! The Galaxy Watch 5 has a few upgrades over the 4, but relies on a digital touch bezel, while the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic lets you easily slide through menus and notifications using a physically rotating bezel. It’s also $130 off, it looks better than the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and it’s still perfectly functional with the same processor and RAM as the GW5 series.

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