The Great British Bake Off 2022 semi-final – live

The final four are battling it out! And tensions are so high in the tent even Matt and Noel and keeping shtumLast week we said goodbye to the wonderful baker Maxy, who was tipped by many to make it to the finals because she won Star Baker in both biscuit week…


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What an infuriating episode. Again!

I’m so annoyed. It hardly felt like a Patisserie Week. I mean, where was the Patisserie? The technical challenge was a joke too. I did a poll on Twitter earlier about it and 95% of readers said they had never heard of a vertical tart.

At least the three bakers who have made it to the final are actually a delight on the screen. They have been holding up the series between them. And hopefully, hopefully we’ll have a decent final too, thanks to them.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and responses. It has been a joy to do this with you each and every week.

And if Janusz is not given an honorary float at Brighton Pride next year … we riot!

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